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Volume 2, Issue I

S.No Title Author Page No.
1 Product Innovation Shilpa Gupta 412-418
2 Development Of Corporate Governance In India Aarti Goyal 419-427
3 Green Marketing: Importance And Problems Associated Ajeet Verma 428-437
4 Females’ Perception Of Organizational Commitment Surjit Kau
Manpreet Kaur
Mankamal Preet kaur
5 Empirical Study In The Security Of Electronic Payment Systems Anita Goyal
Jaswinder Kaur
6 Gst-Implications For The Distribution Channel Gaurav Tondon
Paramalpal Singh
7 Comparative Financial Analysis Of Life And General Insurance: A Study On Public Sector Companies Of India Archana Shahi 461-473
8 E-Business And Supply Chains: Breaking Down The Boundaries In 21st Century Simranjeet Singh
Harwinder Kaur
9 Financial Inclusion - Role Of Indian Banks In Reaching Out To The Unbanked And Backward Areas Preeti 481-488
10 Prime And Prospective Status Of Cloud Computing In E- Governance: A Literature Review Approach Sameer Narang
Dr. Rudra Rameshwar
11 Mutual Funds: Investment Opportunity For Investors From Rural Areas Kavita Sharma
Dr. Ram Singh
12 Empowering Women Through Digital Technology: An Indian Prospective Ruchi Malhotra 502-508
13 Trade Secrets Intellectual Property Rights And Patents Jagmeet Singh 509-515
14 Current And Future Scenario Of E –Payment System In India Rajinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur
15 Indian Hotel Industry: Transformation Through Digital Marketing Dr. Aarti Mahendru 522-531
16 Project Planning Dr. Raman Chadda
Sangam Rana
Anurag Sharma
17 Resolution To The Troubles Of Sustainable Development Vaibhavi
18 E-Commerce Management Sandeep Kumar Supehia
Shreya Papneja
Akashdeep Singh Grewal
Damini Verma
19 Make In India New India Government Initatives And Challenges (Making India , A Manufacturing Hub) Geeta Bhatia 565-571
20 What Teens Want In A Mobile Handset? A Study Related To Features Of Mobile Handset Gagan Gulati 572-579
21 Corporate Governance: A Risk Mitigation Tool Dr. Poonam Bassi 580-585
22 Analyzing Risks And Managing Quality Assurance Arshpreet Kaur
Kumar Shashvat
Swati Gupta
Dr Raman Chadha
23 Selecting Application Oriented Approach Adarsh Dhuliya
Arzoo Verma
Gokul Pillai
Er. Ramandeep Sandhu
24 Use Of V & V Strategy As Project Management Swati Gupta
Arshpreet Kaur
Kumar Shashvat
Ramandeep Sandhu
25 Quality Management Dr. Raman Chadda
Arzoo Gupta
Bhupinder Singh
Yatin Chadha
26 Green Marketing-A Step Towards Sustainable Tomorrow Dr. Raman Chadda
Arzoo Gupta
Bhupinder Singh
Yatin Chadha
27 Electronic Payment Systems Dr. Raman Chadda
Arzoo Gupta
Bhupinder Singh
Yatin Chadha
28 Mobile Commerce: New Mode Of Marketing Kashish Kataria
Pranav Bhasin
Adarsh Dhuliya
Ramandeep Sandhu
29 A Study Of Attack And Defense Strategies Japneet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
Abhishek Sinha
Rimanpal Kaur
30 Emerging Face Of Micro-Finance In India-A Review Meenu Shahi 653-661
31 Financial Performance: Comparitive Study Of Sbi And Icici Bank Anamika Saini 662-667
32 Supervision Of Product Quality By Factor: Satisfaction Gaganpreet Singh Chahal
Ramandeep Sandhu
33 Current And Future Scenario Of E –Payment System In India Rajinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur
34 Commerce In India-Challenges And Legal Issues Dr.Harish Kumari 682-692
35 Leadership Skills & Styles: Enbling Factor For Making An Organization Successful Rajinder Kaur 693-701
36 Creativity And Innovation: A Business Practice To Realize The Concept Of Make In India Chitra
Shobhna Poddar
37 Impact Of Agriculture On Green Marketing “Green Marketing- A Reality To A Few Some And A Strategy To Many Others” Priya. P 715-722
38 Intercultural Hrm: Challenges For Effective Business Practice Ujjal Sandhu 723-727
39 Accounting Principles, Practices, Norms And Conventions:Measurement Of Assets And Liabilities Manpreet Kaur 728-730
40 Financial Management – Assets And Liabilities (Definitions, Recognition Criteria And Bases Of Measurement) Manpreet Kaur 731-741
41 Stress Management – An Integral Part Of Training And Development (A Case Sudy In Public Sector Banks) Rohit Sharma 742-757
42 Government Role In Small And Medium Enterprises Jaspreet Kaur 758-764
43 Insurance Penetration And Density In India Jaspreet Kaur 765-770
44 Is Financial Innovations Boon Or Bane: Indian Economy Amita Rani 771-780
45 Product Life Cycle Shivani Bhambri 781-785
46 Green Marketing And Its Implementation In Indian Organisation For Eco-Friendly Products Meenu Shahi 786-793
47 Development Of Entrepreneurship Through Ssi In Uttar Pradesh Vaibhav Sharma
Tarun Gupta
48 How Location Information Tailored Advertisement Needs Bhavna Sharma 805-812
49 Emerging Challenges Of Micro Finance In India Nidhi Aggarwal 813-818
50 Leadership Styles Anuja Gupta 819-832
51 Knowledge Creation And The Seci Model Harpreet Kaur 833-839
52 Industry Academia Collaboration: Relevance For Make In India Rajesh Tiwari
Dr. Bimal Anjum
53 A Review Of Consumer Attitude Towards Sachetisation With Reference To Fmcg Products Dr. Vinay Kandpal 849-851
54 HRM Strategy Ramanjot Kaur 852-862
55 Article On Working Women And Their Stress Ruchi Verma
Jatinder Kaur
Sonali Jain
Akwinder Kaur
56 Emerging Economies : A Study On Hrd Business Strategies Ruchi Verma
Sonali Jain
57 Green Marketing In India :Opportunities And Challenge Mamta Goyal 879-887
58 A Study Of Effective Hrm Practices In Hospitals For Better Administration Ruchi Verma
Jatinder Kaur
59 Performance Analysis: A Study Of Public Sector &Private Sector Banks In India Gurpreet Kaur 897-907
60 Corporate Governance Disclosure Practices Of Public And Private Sector Banks: A Comparative Study Deepinder Kaur
Tajinder Kaur
61 Poverty Status In India Anu Rani 921-930
62 A Comparative Study Of Leading E-Commerce Websites In India Shilpa Arora
Sumanpreet Kaur
63 Case Study Of Supply Chain Management:Two Foremost Smart Phones Sumanpreet Kaur
Shilpa Arora
64 Exploring The Relevance Of Job Satisfaction And Organizational Commitment Of Employees With Respect To Banking Sector Monika Sharma
Anmol Randhawa
65 Brand Positioning Through Celebrity Endorsement Anmol Randhawa
Monika Sharma
Richa Malhotra
66 The Effect Of Job Related Stress In Indian Banking Sector: A Study With Special Reference To Employee Morale And Job Involvement Neha Sharma 978-1000
67 Continuous & Piecewise Concave Behavior Of Maximum & Minimum Values Of Some Generalized Fuzzy Entropy C.P. Gandhi
Rupinder Kaur
Deepika Jhanji
68 Managing Stress Among Management Teachers In Colleges For Better Teaching-Learning In Class Rooms Akwinder Kaur
Jatinder Kaur
Ruchi Verma
Sonali Jain
69 How To Manage A Stress At A Workplace Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Mahal 1018-1023
70 Analysis of Co-operative Banks in India with Lending Practices Harpreet kaur 1024-1029
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