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Volume 1, Issue II, July -December

  1. Contents
  2. Bancassurance: Feasibility strategy of Banks with Indian Perspective
    Ms. Amita Rani1
  3. Gender differences in job satisfaction among BPO employees
    Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Mahal1
  4. Financial literacy vis-ŕ-vis investor education in India
    Dr. Pooja1
  5. Work family Challenges and their Impact on Career Advancement: A Study of Indian Women Executives
    Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Mahal
  6. Impact of social media on business
    Mr. Sourav Jain1, Ms. Palavi Joshi2, Mr. Shashi3
  7. Innovations in marketing- “with special reference to innovative services”
    Ms. Shubha Shree Sharma1, Ms. Vedika Sharma2
  8. Emerging dimensions of e-tailing in India
    Mr. Harshit Agarwal1, Ms. Ritika Gulati2
  9. Redefining Universities: Role of e-Governance
    Mr. Gaurav Kapoor1
  10. Role of Media In Strengthening Consumerism
    Dheeraj Gandhi1, Dr. Narendra Kumar Batra2
  11. Underpricing of initial public offerings: a study based on mega issues listed on national stock exchange
    Mr. Sajal Das1
  12. The opportunities and challenges of FDI in retail in Punjab
    Inderjeet Dhillon1
  13. South Asian Economies: Growth Experience
    Ms. Niharika Sharma2
  14. Supply Chain Mangement: A Global Perspective
    Dr. Kavita Aggarwal1, Ms. Ritika Gupta2, Dr. Madhuri Gupta3
  15. Branding higher education through zero defects approach: a discussion
    Ms.Taranjit Kaur1
  16. Role of SMEs in Indian Economy and TQM
    Mr. Raman Panthey1, Mr. Rahul Kumar2, Ms. Guneet Kour3
  17. Technology driven World: A study on Digital Youth
    Razia Ahmed1, Ms. Jaspreet Kaur2, Bhavuk Mahindru3
  18. Role of banking sector in industrial development in Punjab
    Ms. Monika Rani1, Mr. Sukhwinder Pal Singh2
  19. Relationship Marketing as a Competitive Marketing Strategy
    Ms. Nirmaljeet Virk1
  20. Power Market Developments: A New Market Design
    Dr Gitanjali Bhatnagar1
  21. Inclusive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low Income Households: An Overview of Mor Committee Recommendations
    Mr. Pardeep Kumar1, Ms. Charu Saxena2, Mr. Aftabalam3
  22. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case study
    Ms. Rekha Rani1
  23. Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behaviour
    Ms. Anmol Randhawa1, Mr. Javeed Ahmed Khan2
  24. Building and Developing leadership Skills for Effective People’s Management
    Ms. Kritika Kamboj1
  25. Handling Grievances at Work Place
    Mr. Sandeep Saluja1, Mrs. Surjeet Kaur2
  26. Inferential Statistics
    Ms. Jyoti Arora1, Ms. Rupinder Kaur2
  27. Internet and Social Media Marketing: An Innovative step towards Business Development in India
    Mr. Pankaj Jain1, Mr. Himanshu Sood2
  28. Why Should Industries Should Adopt TQM
    Ms. Gupreet Kaur1, Ms. Naveen Sharma2
  29. Micro finance (Indian Scenario)
    Ms. Monika Rani1, Mr. Sukhwinder Pal Singh2
  30. Power Market Developments: A new market design
    Dr Gitanjali Bhatnagar1
  31. Handling Conflicts in Organization- Emerging Facets of Management- Issues and Challenges
    Ms. Monika Sharma1, Ms. Swati Gupta2, Ms. Neeru Gupta3, Neetika Sharma4
  32. Scope of Rural Marketing for F.M.C.G Company
    Mr. Yograj Singh Rana1, Mr. Rakesh Pathak2, Mr. Manoj Kumar3
  33. Work-family Conflict: Issues & Effects
    Dr. Ritu Lehal1, Ms. Daljeet Kaur2
  34. Foreign direct investment and Indian economy
    Dr. Harish Kumari1
  35. Web based Shopping: Consumer’s Profiling and their Perceptions Toward Online Shopping
    Mr. Satinder Kumar1, Mr. Parampal Singh2
  36. Indoctrination of Entrepreneurial Skills in Management Education with Creativity and Emotional Intelligence
    Ms. Rupinder Bir Kaur1
  37. Leadership Challenges in 21st century with reference to globalization
    Ms. Richa Talwar1
  38. Analysis of day of the week in Indian Stock Market
    Dr. Vandana Khanna1
  39. Proposed implementation of Risk Management strategies in Human Resource Management: A key to corporate sustainability
    Dr. Vandana Khanna1
  40. Brand Equity in Pharmaceutical Industry: An Empirical Study
    Ms. Gaurav Vats1
  41. Cooperative societies- growth and development -a case study of Jammu and Kashmir state
    Mr. Aasim Mir1, Dr. Gaurav Sehgal2
  42. Developmental Schemes: An Impact Analysis in Jammu and Kashmir State
    Mr. Aasim Mir1, Dr. Gaurav Sehgal2
  43. Higher education and market forces in India
    Ms. Randeep Kaur1
  44. Value Creation through Sustainability: A Suggestive Measure for Business Houses"
    Dr. Shailinder Sekhon1
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