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Review Process

International Journal of Business Management shall not accept or publish manuscripts in its journal without prior peer review. There shall be a review process of manuscripts by one or more independent referees.

The editor evaluates the recommendation and notifies the author of the manuscript status. The manuscript may be:
  • Accepted for publication as it is.
  • Accepted for publication with minor changes, with no re-review necessary
  • Accepted for publication after substantial revision and additional review
The comments of the anonymous reviewers will be forwarded to the authors, and when the authors are ready to submit their revised manuscript, read the comments of the editors and reviewers, and respond to them by telling what modifications they have made in their manuscript or why they have not made the suggested changes.

The editorial board is highly committed to the quick review process of the paper, but not with the sacrifice of the right judgment of a paper. The review process takes maximum two weeks.

Date of Publishing : 
International Journal of Management is inviting papers for Vol. 1 No. 1 which is scheduled to be published on July, 2014.

Acceptance Notification : within 10 days from the date of manuscript submission

Submission deadline : 15th May, 2014
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